Diabetes Management: A Type-1’s Perspective

When it comes to managing diabetes,

it can be a very overwhelming process. Not only do you have the day-to-day obligations of life, however, you now have a 24/7, 365-day disease that must also have your attention. Introduction to Managing Diabetes: A Type-1’s Perspective discusses the day-to-day obligations of monitoring and providing the appropriate care to managing glucose levels. One of the main discussions will be mindset. Diabetes is not just about counting carbohydrates, fats and proteins then injecting insulin, it’s also about how you perceive diabetes and yourself. In this module, activities such as exercise and sex will be discussed to understand what a person’s mind with diabetes goes through and learn how to control these thoughts before, during and after these activities. Fad diets that are very popular such as Paleo diet, Atkins, Ketogenic etc. will be reviewed to understand the underlining message behind these diets.

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