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Living Actively With Diabetes

Exercise Program

Living Actively With Diabetes

What This Program Offers

3 One Hour Training Sessions 

Blood Glucose Evaluation for Each Session 

Basic Nutrition Course

Program Information

  • Exercise is key to a healthier lifestyle, especially for those with diabetes. For those newly diagnosed with diabetes who want to start improving their lifestyle, exercising can be a scary thing!
  • Living Actively with Diabetes Program is a 4 week program that offers a safe place for people with diabetes (new or veteran) to exercise and learn how their blood glucose levels fluctuate before, during, and after specific exercises.
  • You will also have access to a private Facebook group to connect with other people with diabetes and chat about exercise! 

Meet Your Instructor

Alex Brown

I have over 10 years of experience with diabetes management, exercise and diabetes education.

I received my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Colorado State University and a master’s degree in Nutrition and Human performance from Logan University.

Living Actively With Diabetes

Living Actively With Diabetes

Start tackling your diabetes and exercise goals TODAY!

Registration fee will be discussed after sign-up

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